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Introducing the eFL
The First Fan Controlled Pro Sports League

The eFL is the first professional sports league truly designed for the digital age – putting fans in control of their sports entertainment experience. Player personnel and real-time play calling decisions are all made by fans via the league’s mobile app, making fans the coach and general manager for their team. Fans will no longer be just viewers; rather, they will be active contributors to the games they are watching. This is a transformational shift in the way sports fans engage and interact. This is the democratization of sports, and it’s about to be realized through the most innovative sports league ever created, thanks to decentralized technology.

This isn’t Vaporware

We invested $2,000,000+ to pilot the first fan controlled football team…and it worked better than we expected.

In 2015 we began developing a platform to put sports fans in control of team decisions on and off the field. In February 2017 the first fan-controlled professional sports team on the planet, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, made its debut. The pilot test in a little known ten-team indoor football league attracted tens of thousands of fans from 100+ countries, generated media coverage from top publications including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and yielded partnerships with both Sports Illustrated and Amazon’s Twitch. By the end of the season, the fans proved their worth, propelling the Screaming Eagles to the 3rd best offense in the league.

Video views across Facebook, Youtube & Twitch
Plays Called in Real Time By Fans Like You
Capital Invested In Building The FAN Platform & Token
League Rank of the Screaming Eagles Offense

This is what it feels like to control your team in the eFL...


FAN tokens are the power behind fan interactivity and engagement in the eFL. All fan activity in the league relies on FAN, from voting on which coach to hire to real-time play calling during the games. The more FAN you own, the more control you have over your team. In addition to voting power, certain top owners (and earners) of FAN at the end of the season will share in the $1,000,000+ championship prize pool.



Our foundation is technology

State of the Art "Arena"
Our arena will be more production studio than arena, tailored to deliver a truly interactive and immersive sports entertainment experience to fans on any connected device around the world.
Built on the Blockchain
Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, the eFL will maintain ledger-based transparency for all fan-driven decisions and reward allocations. Blockchain is vital to creating an inherently open, democratic network of fan engagement.
Cams, Biometrics, and Drones
The eFL will leverage the latest is sports tech, from live stream helmet cameras to real time player biometrics, chips in the ball, and drones flying overhead capturing video game-like imagery of the action on the field.
Just the Beginning...
We intend to create a greater universe of professional sports consumption and fandom with the creation of additional fan-controlled leagues (soccer, baseball, cricket, etc.). FAN token will be the lifeblood of the interactive fan experience.



Sohrob Farudi
Grant Cohen
VP of Digital
Ray Austin
VP Football Ops
Yann Kronberg
Acting CTO
Yuriy Yakovlev
System Architecture
Bogdan Sviripa
Full Stack & Blockchain
Marat Urazov
Full Stack & Smart Token
Patrick Dees
VP of Gaming
Vivek Jain
Jonathan Calmus
VP of Product & Growth
Bryan Kirsch
Director of PR

Advisors & Investors

Galia Benartzi
Bancor Co-Founder
Eyal Hertzog
Bancor Co-founder and Product Architect
Steve Adler
Former Director NFL Mobile Technology
Andy Dolich
Former COO of SF 49ers
Matt Wolf
EVP Entertainment, Coca Cola
Manish Jha
Former GM of Mobile, NFL
Mark Irace
Former CMO, Fanduel
Chuck Taylor
Senior Director of Innovation at Caesars Entertainment

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Introducing the Electronic Football League (eFL): the first professional sports league truly designed for the digital age – putting fans in control of their sports entertainment experience.  
The Multi Billion Dollar Professional Sports Industry is About to be Disrupted

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